Metcalfe Agricultural Society

BY-LAWS (Revised January 30, 2017)

1) The Society shall be called the METCALFE AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY. The objects of the Society, in accordance with the provisions of the Agricultural and Horticultural Organizations Act, R.S.O. 1990, Chapter A.9 (the "Act") are "to encourage an awareness of agriculture and to promote improvements in the quality of life of persons living in an agricultural community …"

2) The business of the Society shall be conducted by the Executive and Board of Directors. The Secretary of the Board shall act as Office Administrator for the Society, and will be referred to herein as "Office Administrator".

3) That no person shall be entitled to vote or to be elected to office whose membership shall be in arrears, and no person whose membership is not paid shall compete for prizes at the Metcalfe Fair.

4) That the financial books and records of the Society shall be reviewed prior to the annual meeting; and at the Annual Meeting, to be held during the month of January in each year, the Financial Statements, as required by the Act, shall then be presented to the membership for adoption.

5) The Metcalfe Fair for the present year shall be held on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, September 28th to October 1st, 2017.

6) The Directors shall appoint all necessary judges, other than expert judges appointed.

7) Every person exhibiting livestock or other articles at the Metcalfe Fair shall give a list of articles in writing to the Fair Office, the number and class will be recorded, and the appropriate exhibitor number and tags shall be given to the party owning such stock or articles.

8) Any person who shall exhibit any livestock or any other article contrary to the Rules and By-laws of the Society shall forfeit all claims to prize moneys awarded, and if proved to have so acted knowingly, shall forfeit all prizes for the year.

9) Exhibitors showing livestock at the Metcalfe Fair must forward proof of liability insurance of at least one million dollars with their entries; showing name of owner or company, amount of insurance, expiry date and signature.

10) The Directors shall arbitrate and settle all differences which may arise among the members, and their decisions shall be final.

11) Articles shall be placed in the Agricultural Hall or Family Pavilion, as appropriate, before 10 a.m. the first day of the Fair, when the Judges will commence their duties, and articles may not be removed until 5 p.m. on Sunday of the Fair, without permission of the department committee, but in no case shall a prize be paid if permission is not granted.

12) Members winning Fifteen ($15.00) Dollars or more will have the sum of Ten ($10.00) Dollars deducted as a membership fee for the next year. Membership fees are non-refundable.

13) Membership fee is determined by the Board of Directors and confirmed by the membership of the Society from time to time.

14) An administration fee, to cover the operational costs of the Metcalfe Agricultural Society, will be deducted from all prize moneys of $15.00 or more, as follows:

(a) 10%, or more if necessary, in the Family Division, Grains and Vegetables, and Antiques Division;
(b) 15%, or more if necessary in the Heavy Horse, Commercial Horse, Horse Pull, Western Horse, Light Horse Classes and Friday Afternoon Children's Horse and Pony classes;
(c) 20%, or more if necessary, in the Dairy and Beef livestock classes; and
(d) 25% in the Sheep classes.

15) If receipts are insufficient to meet the prize list in full, the prizes will be paid pro rata as funds permit.

16) The prize money for the Junior Division and the Junior Classes of the Produce Department will be paid in cash on the Sunday of the Fair, when exhibits are picked up by the exhibitors.

Judges and Judging

No animal or article exhibited shall have about it any prize colours or cards until the awards have been made in their respective classes.

No person shall be permitted in the horse or cattle rings during the time of judging except the judges, the grooms or person in charge of the animal, members of the horse or cattle committees and members of the press.

All prize cards which have been affixed by the judge must be displayed during the exhibition. Any infraction of this rule will incur the forfeit of any premium awarded.

Any person who shall attempt to interfere with the judge, while in the discharge of their duties, on the premises of the Society, and uses any contemptuous or abusive language to any judge in consequence of any award made by him, shall forfeit his right to any prize to which he might otherwise be entitled, and may be excluded from exhibiting for one year thereafter. Judges are particularly requested to immediately report any breach of this rule.

Upon discovery of any fraud, deception or dishonest practice, either in the preparation, ownership, or representation concerning any animal or article exhibited which may have affected or have been intended to affect the decision of the judges, the Board of Directors have power to withhold the payment of any prizes awarded, and may prohibit any such party from exhibiting in any class for one or more years and may also publish the names of such persons or not as may be deemed the most expedient.

Judges are particularly requested to note the following:

a) It is not necessary that because a prize is offered for any particular animal or article, that it must be awarded, unless the exhibit is of sufficient merit to warrant the award being made;

b) In the Homecraft Division, all articles soiled or defaced by wear are not eligible for competition


No person shall be allowed to enter for competition more than one specimen in any section. This rule not to apply to animals or antique exhibits, but to all kinds of grain, vegetables, produce, fruits, manufactured articles etc., to which each individual specimen would necessarily be precisely similar to the first.

Exhibitors will please take notice that it is absolutely required that the entries be made on or before the dates listed, in order to afford sufficient time to examine the entry papers, forward the entry tickets and to correspond with parties when necessary, and for the correction of errors and omissions. Also proof of liability insurance of at least one million dollars must accompany entries for livestock.

Unless where specified in the livestock classes, the entry must, in every instance, be made in the name of the "bona fide" owner and unless this rule is observed, no premium will be awarded, or if awarded, will be withheld. If any person shall forfeit any premium which may be awarded to him, he will be precluded from exhibiting for a period of one year.

In all other classes, entries must be made in the names of the producers or manufacturers only, and by such producers themselves in person or their agents, who must have special authority for doing so and shall produce the authority in writing if required by the judges or directors.

In classes of purebred stock, the registered number and names of articles must accompany entries. This clause to be strictly enforced.

Stabling has been erected for horses. The stalls may be secured by applying to the Office Administrator and paying $5.00 per stall per day in advance. All who require stalls apply early, enclosing the amount. All stalls not paid for will be allotted to others on the evening of the first day of the fair.

General Rules & Regulations

Intending exhibitors and visitors are particularly requested to read carefully and consider the Rules and Regulations governing the Exhibition, which will, in all cases, be strictly observed.

Prize money will be mailed to winning exhibitors on or about November 15th.

Regulations to be Observed by Intending Competitors

All persons to whom a prize is awarded and who do not receive same must apply to the Office Administrator for payment thereof in writing, on or before the 30th day of November of the year in which the said prize is awarded, or such prize will be forfeited.

The Society will take reasonable precaution to ensure the safety of articles sent to the exhibition, yet they wish it to be distinctly understood that the owners themselves must accept the risk that should any article or animal be accidentally injured, lost or stolen, the Society will give all the assistance in its power toward the recovery of the same, but will not make any payment for the value thereof.

At the close of the exhibition, exhibitors must take charge of their exhibits and remove the same as early as possible. Any article or stand left in the buildings or grounds after this time will be at the risk of the owners.

Any exhibitor making a protest must make it in writing, and it must be delivered to the Office Administrator or his/her assistant one hour after the cause of the protest. It must state plainly the cause of the appeal or complaint, and must be accompanied by a cash deposit of $50.00, which shall be forfeited to the Society if the protest is not sustained. The Board of Directors, however, earnestly hope that exhibitors will not enter protests without strongest grounds for doing so, as much annoyance and unpleasantness is often occasioned by a protest of a frivolous nature.

Notice to All Exhibitors

Please be advised that the Metcalfe Agricultural Society is committed to using personal information in a respectful and useful way. This consists of mailings (posted or electronic) and telephone calls to provide information about membership; issue receipts for said membership; provide information about Metcalfe Fair and other special events; provide newsletter information and minutes of meetings; solicit your input on any new process that is being proposed. The Metcalfe Agricultural Society will never disclose your personal information to any third party; it will not sell, trade, or rent personal information to other organizations or individuals.

Metcalfe Agricultural Society reserves the right to publish exhibitor names and respective town of winning entries, in local newspapers and on our website.