Our Board of Directors consists of volunteers from Metcalfe and the surrounding community.

Our Directors bring a wide variety of talents and knowledge to the management of the Agricultural Society and the Fair.

The 2017 Board of Directors is as follows:


Brian Johnston .... President
Barry Payne ....... 1st Vice President
Agnes Lee ......... 2nd Vice President
Gary Chouinard .... Past President
Meredith Brophy ... Office Administrator
Kay Stanley ....... Treasurer
Cheryl Sullivan ... Chair, Family Division
Lisa Reid ......... 1st Vice Chair, Family Division


Michael Acs (Junior Director)
Doug Anderson 
Greg Bell 
Sandy Carscadden 
Cheryl Cooper 
Bob Dumelie 
John Gregg 
Shannon Hendrick
Laurie Ann Holmes 
Jim Kelly 
Steve Lafrance 
Jeff Laniel 
Colleen Magee 
Peter Magee 
Mike McClary
Erin McDonald 
Julie McDonald 
Bill McNaughton 
Erin Merkley 
Greg Mount 
Ben Patterson 
Christine Rowan
Jamie Shantz
Al Stanley 
Andrea Taylor 
Steve Thomas 
Doug Thompson
Adam Vonhone
Cezanne Warren
Jessica Wilson 
Lee Wright 
George Zandbelt 
Tanya Zandbelt