Metcalfe Fair Family DivisionThe Family Division of the Metcalfe Fair could also be called the Homecraft Department.

Various Committees of the Family Division organize the Family Pavilion, the Fair's largest exhibit hall.

The Family Pavilion features entries in Culinary Arts (baking, bottled goods and wine), Homecrafts, Flowers, and Junior classes, as well as 4-H Lifeskills exhibits.

The Family Division members are active all year with various community events.

Following is a list of the Family Division Executive and Members for 2016:


Cheryl Sullivan ....... Chair
Lisa Reid ............. 1st Vice Chair
Lynda McCuaig ......... 2nd Vice Chair
Betty Michels ......... Past Chair
Lynda McCuaig ......... Secretary-Treasurer

Committee Members

Wendy Anderson
Karen Benson
Cheryl Bunda
Shannon Cauvier
Barbara Clark
Amanda Cooper
Michelle Coulson
Phyllis Desnoyers
Sarah Dooley
Melissa Dow
Amy Duguay-McDonald
Debbie Duguay
Betty Eastman
Mary Fisher
Bea Gregg
Myra Kelly
Donna Koeniger
Christine Lee
Kasey Lepage
Helen McDonald
Geraldine McEwan
Norma McNaughton
Janet Mitchell
Anne Moore
Denise Bonin-Mount
Heather Mount
Donna Page
Melanie Racine
Marj Savage
Andrea Taylor
Sandra Toll