2016 Metcalfe Fair Horse Pull

If you want to see some REAL Horsepower, don't miss this year's Horse Pull at the Metcalfe Fair!

The Horse Pull takes place on Friday, September 30th, 2016 at 7:00 PM in the arena.

The information and rules follow on this page, but if you'd like to download them, here are links to the Entry Form, Rules, and Prize Information.

Committee: Chair – Erin McDonald; Barry Payne, Paul Bourbonnais, Greg Bourbonnais, Ron Stanley, Art Stanley


  1. Light (3,500 lbs. and under)
  2. Heavy

* Horses to be weighed between 4:00 PM and 6:30 PM on Friday, September 30th.

Prizes for each Class: 1st - $250; 2nd - $200; 3rd $175; all others in class will receive $150 each.

  • Proof of liability insurance must accompany all entry forms.
  • Copies of the rules can be obtained from the Metcalfe Fair office.
  • One gate pass for each horse entered will be given to Horse Pull participants, provided that entry forms are received by the Fair Office on or before Tuesday, September 13, 2016. Forms available online at www.metcalfefair.com, or at the Fair office. No gate passes issued to participants who enter after September 13, 2016.
  • A 15% administrative fee will be deducted from any prize money amounting to $15.00 or more.
  • For acceptance to participate, all entry forms must be filled out completely and signed by the exhibitor.
  • No telephone entries will be accepted.

Sponsored by:

Barry Payne, Greely; Grant Quarries, Cornwall; Southridge Sod, Osgoode; Emerald Links/Cloverdale Links; Farmer’s Sealed Storage, Randy Lavier, Kemptville; Rooney Feeds, Ltd., Kemptville; Roy McCooeye, Metcalfe; Arthur Stanley, Edwards; Loucon Metal, Nepean; Arc Acres, Greely; Waiters on Wheels; Villeneuve Family Catering, Greely; Osgoode Fish, Game and Conservation Club; Stanley's Olde Maple Lane Farm; S & N Construction

Metcalfe Agricultural Society 2016 Horse Pull Rules:

  1. All teams are subject to a drug test, at the discretion of Metcalfe Agricultural Society (“MAS”). If found positive from blood test, a fine of $500.00 must be paid to MAS before a team may re-enter.
  2. All teamsters/owners must have proof of current liability insurance for “horse pulling” in the amount of Two Million ($2,000,000.00) Dollars.
  3. There shall be no alcoholic beverages used by teamsters, helpers or officials while in the drawing area. If excessive drinking prior to or during the horse pull, appropriate action will be looked after by proper authorities and necessary action will be taken.
  4. All teams must be weighed the day of the draw, on Association scales if available, with halter and loose shank, no lifting. Weigh twice only. If a person argues about the weight of his team, he will go in the heavy class, and if he continues to argue, he will be asked to leave the grounds. Scales will be open a minimum of 2.5 hours with a maximum of 3 hours before pull start time. Light weight teams weigh once per weekend, on OVHDA, CCHPA or EODHA or Northern Draft Horse Club scales., (i.e. Thursday to Monday) Team must enter and pull when weighed at the first pull. Light class – 3500 lbs and under, no grace. Heavy class – over 3500 lbs. A horse or team may draw in one class only. A team must complete 2 draws to collect hitch money, if any paid.
  5. Understanding – each teamster will pull to the end, with no quitting, and will take one (1) fair hitch on last load. If teamster chooses to quit, he must declare as such at time he hitches off the boat. If he refuses to pull on last load, he will forfeit and not receive any prize money.
  6. A teamster is allowed to enter and drive more than 1 team per class at any pull (a maximum of 2 teams per class per exhibitor).
  7. Teamsters will draw for their pulling order prior to the beginning of the competition.
  8. When a team enters the pulling area, with blinders on or without, they must stay that way for the duration of that event. Adjustments to blinders, during a pull, are not allowed.
  9. Length of draw is 15 feet. A total of 5 minutes will be allowed to complete 2 draws. Stone boat to be drawn one way only, towards horses. However, the boat can be drawn both ways for a few rounds if it is considered safe by the Judge and MAS Committee. Side lines to be 18 feet apart. If the boat is within 36” from the side lines, the next contestant may request to have the boat centered.
  10. A teamster is allowed two helpers. Teamsters and helpers must remain behind the LEADING EDGE of the WIFFLETREES while horses are drawing. After completing the first draw, no change in teamster will be allowed, except in case of injury.
  11. A break in harness – the teamster will decide if he keeps the distance or will he start over. If he starts over, the boat will go to the end of the starting area of the course. Time to repair break in harness to be determined by the Judge.
  12. All teams are to remain stationary in the holding area until winners are determined. Teamsters, it is your responsibility – there must be someone attending your horses at all times.
  13. A run-away team or team out of control will automatically be eliminated from that pull. If team runs away more than once, or is out of control, that team should automatically be eliminated from pulling.
  14. No non-member competitor will be allowed to pull his horses in any member’s name.
  15. A draw will be disqualified: A) if horses step on or over lines or markers; B) if horses are beaten, lines are swung, foul language used; C) if helpers interfere in any way after horses are hitched; D) if teamsters or helpers head the horses while drawing or hitching; or E) if teamsters or helpers slap, push, or touch the horses with hands, lines or wiffletrees while in the ring. NO CHECK SLAPS WILL BE ALLOWED.
  16. Three (3) circles passing in front of the boat or anything over a four (4”) inch chuck will be classified as one draw.
  17. Any teamster or helper will automatically be ejected from the contest and all winnings forfeited: A) if he argues with the Judge; B) if any abuse such as slashing, kicking or beating of horses takes place while in the holding area. There will be no chasing of horses around the ring. Decision to be made by the Judge or Committee.