Mandate and Mission

Organizational Mandate/Mission

The Metcalfe Agricultural Society is a not for profit organization whose main purpose is to organize and present an agricultural fair, promoting life skills, agricultural awareness, education to urban and rural communities, and a venue for farmers and others for competition and trade exhibitions.

The mandate and purposes of the Metcalfe Agricultural Society, as stated in its Constitution, are to encourage an awareness of agriculture generally and to promote improvements in the life skills and quality of life of persons living in the agricultural community by,

  1. assessing the agricultural, economic and social needs of the agricultural community and developing programs to meet those needs;
  2. organizing and holding agricultural exhibits for which prizes may be awarded with a view to,
    1. encouraging improvements in the product and marketing of agricultural produce and livestock and the methods thereof;
    2. developing the life skills of persons living in the agricultural community;
    3. increasing an awareness and appreciation of agriculture and rural lifestyle;
  3. promoting and encouraging the conservation of natural resources;
  4. promoting and encouraging beautification of the agricultural community;
  5. developing and conducting activities to encourage young people to participate in activities of agricultural societies;
  6. supporting and co-operating with other associations and organizations in improvements of agricultural industry;
  7. supporting and providing facilities to encourage activities intended to enrich rural lifestyle;
  8. conducting or promoting horse races when authorized to do so by a by-law of the Society.

Current Fair Vision

The current vision of the Metcalfe Agricultural Society is to continue to provide, in co-operation and partnership with community groups and businesses, a high-quality agricultural exhibition for the betterment of the agricultural industry, and for the education, entertainment and enjoyment of our patrons.