Metcalfe Fair Sponsorship


As a member of the local community we’re sure that, like us, you look forward with eager anticipation to Metcalfe’s premier Fall event – The Metcalfe Fair. For over 150 years the Metcalfe Agricultural Society has been promoting and celebrating agriculture in our community. We hold great expectations for our fair to continue well into the future and our continued success depends on sponsorship partners joining us in promoting and developing this annual celebration.

We wish to express our sincere thanks to the individuals and businesses who have provided their financial support over the years. We look forward to building new events, and enhancing our current program, with their continued support.

We have designed our sponsorship program to provide you with the opportunity to not only enjoy our Fair, but also to provide you and/or your business with exposure to the local community and those just visiting on Fair weekend. Contact us or visit our Be a Sponsor page, for more detailed information on our sponsorship opportunities, along with the benefits you can expect to receive at each level (including tax receipts where applicable).

We accept sponsorships at many levels, including our greatly appreciated prize sponsors. We rely on the generosity of individuals, families and businesses to assist with the cost of prizes.